Friday, January 18, 2013

Review - Mia2 by Clairisonic

Hello lovelies :)

So, I've been using the Mia2 face brush by Clairisonic for a few days now. I was my face like I normally would have to rid of the makeup on my face, and then use the face brush to thoroughly cleanse. I have been using the sensitive brush head it comes with, as well as the trial gel cleanser included with purchase.


Okay, so not totally in love - but it's a little biased. Since I've been using the brush, I have noticed I've been breaking out a LOT. But I can tell the brush has been bringing up a lot from underneath the surface. So my next ten breakouts that were just lying in wait - are starting to go ahead and rise up for battle. They aren't so bad though, just little bumps. I've always had really good skin. 

In short -- in just the few days I've been using it (just 1x nightly before bed) I've noticed my skin feels very smooth afterwards, and my skin has been breaking out from all the dirt and makeup I've trapped in my pores previously. I think it's great I'm actually cleaning my skin from another layer up to the surface versus just what I can see in the mirror. I'm going to continue to use it every night and update my review later, but so far so GREAT :)


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