Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hair Care routine

Okay lovelies,

So I am re-vamping my hair care routine to GROW MY HAIR OUT LONGER! I've got 3.5 months until my wedding (hold cow, if that doesn't put things into perspective....)

Here goes!

1) DRINK WATER! I need to be drinking at least "8" glasses of water a day - that's about 4 water bottles a day. So far, I'm lucky if I can drink TWO, but I'm staying motivated.

2) BIOTIN SUPPLEMENTS - I have one supplement I keep at work (MAXI-HAIR), and a bottle of Biotin at the house. I take one of each a day. Maxi-hair actually has some bitoin in it. But these will keep the vitamins in my system I'll need to grow my hair out faster.

3) Wash hair maybe 3-4x a week. Washing your hair isn't healthy for it, and strips it of it's natural oils needed to moisturize and replenish hair folicules. So, enter in dry shampoo!

4) COCONUT OIL - I've been doing this weekly if not bi-weekly - I rub the oil in between my hands to heat it up, and then quickly apply it to my skin and hair, and let it seep in overnight! My hair ends up feeling greasy overnight, but moisturized after my shower the next morning. 

5) SCALP MASSAGES - I am massaging my scalp in the shower after apply my conditioner. Massaging your scalp stimulates the folicules and increases bloodflow to the area being massaged.

6) EAT HEALTHY - okay, I'm totally FAILING at this right now between chinese food and ice cream...but my idea is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. 

7) DRY HAIR WITH A OLD T-SHIRT instead of a towel - towels rub the hair shaft, making it frizzy. Using a t-shirt is a softer, more delicate solution to drying your hair. 

I have also been considering starting to CO-WASH, or use the "no 'poo" method to washing/conditioning hair, but perhaps after the wedding. I'm already trying so many different things and re-vamping all my routines - it's a lot at once.

Anyone have any other suggestions, or solutions to growing your hair out longer? LOVE to hear them :) Thanks for reading.



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